My cousin Pejk Malinowski sent me this poem last night by Robert Creeley. I am smitten.


The thing comes
of itself

(Look up
to see
the cat & the squirrel,
the one
torn, a red thing,
& the other
somehow immaculate)

– Robert Creeley


Published Date: 09 November 2005 Click on thumbnail to view imageBy Grant Woodward

Credit crunch dining
Rename grey squirrel meat as ’spruce venison’ and watch it fly off the shelves at Waitrose.

I dunno. Bloody immigrants – come over here, climb our trees, grab our nuts….

Armstrong and Miller
Kill them. Kill them all.

None of the mamby pamby stuff….
Grey squirrels are non-indigenous vermin that also eat bird eggs and dig up plants to eat the roots, and gardeners often have their entire crops of home grown veg lost in the spring when the grey squiels eat the shoots.
Grey squirrels should be terminated on sight, trapped, poisoned and hunted to extinction in the UK. People caught feeding them should be prosecuted. They have no place here, even though some people find them cute.


From the UK Metro.

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I’ve been meaning to post this – I think maybe I was initially horrified but my standards are slipping.

was inspired to write Daffodils by the glorious flowers on the shores of Ullswater in the Lake District.

A Cumbria Tourism spokesman said: “Wordsworth’s Daffodils poem has remained unchanged for 200 years and to keep it alive for another two centuries we wanted to engage the YouTube generation who want modern music and amusing video footage on the web.


Local papers in Northumberland report today that

Thousands of culled grey squirrels later, the invader’s advance into remaining red squirrel territory is still relentless.

CHILLING killing figures emerge from a new study of the effectiveness of measures in the North of England to halt the spread of the grey squirrel and the decline of the native red.

Between February 2007 and September last year, more than 20,000 greys were killed by the Red Squirrel Protection Partnership, chaired by Lord Redesdale.

But the study says that sightings of greys in the North East have increased rather than decreased, suggesting that the culling of greys has not stopped their advance in what is the final English stronghold of the red squirrel.


Red vs Greys - for Nicholas Berger



Schematic/crest of 3 shields of the Grey Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris).
Originally imported from America to Great Britain ca. 1840 as a living lawn ornament. On left, the nationalist  imperative that the Greys should now be exterminated; on right; deforestation in part to supply the Briitsh Royal Navy with timber historically contributed to the near-vanquished Red Squirrel’s loss of habitat, helping to pave the way for the victorious Greys.

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