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The first edition of Botacon took place last weekend in Brooklyn. The lineup of speakers was impressive and made for one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. But one materials-related presentation stood out. Mr.


The Circuit programming series was developed by Eyebeam's Education Studio, in collaboration with media artist Yael Kanarek, in response to the need for emerging artists to have the opportunity to present work and receive feedback in a professional setting. It provides emerging artists working with technology an arena in which to participate in critiques, roundtables and public presentations within Eyebeam. Circuit showcases new and experimental projects, introducing new artists from across the nation to the New York City public and arts and technology community.

This three-day intensive program offers these artists the opportunity to meet fellow artists working with similar media, receive feedback from peers, professionals and the public while gaining the experience of exhibiting work at an art and technology center in New York City.


Maya Kalogera is an interdisciplinary artist. Born in Zagreb, she holds a BFA from the School of Applied and Visual arts, Zagreb and a master's degree from Architecture University, Zagreb. She works with a diverse palette of tools including paintings, photography, video, sound, space, networks and programming. She is a member of the online collective She also collaborates as freelancer with; a multimedia and 3D game producer advancing her media and programming skills. At present, she is working on a virtual tour of the exhibition II Croatian International Biennial of Illustration at the Gallery Klovicevi Dvori, Zagreb. She won Visiting Arts Grant from Henry Moore Foundation in March 2004 with artist Anya Lewin. She is working on ongoing project about e-loneliness, exploring the ways in which digital media influences social and spatial relationships.

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