I’ve always loved the sense of humor this shows… -Steve

The proclamation of the Indians of All Tribes who took Alcatraz:

To the Great White Father and All His People:


“There’s always something being said. What I used to say to comics all the time was, if you’re gonna stand on stage and talk to a room full of people, you might want to figure out what you wanna say.” –Dylan Brody


Just added:

Steve Lambert presents a live classroom-style video lecture exploring passages of historical inquiry through clips found on YouTube.  This presentation will be one of a series of thematic lectures comprising “The YouTube School of Social Politics,” a project conceived by Headlands Alumni Artist In Residence Sam Gould.  The lecture, entitled “Judo Practice”, explores creative activism, leveraging balance and the precise application of force to overcome a more powerful opponent.  Please Be Advised: This presentation contains mature and controversial content.

Headlands Center for the Arts
Open House Summer 2010


The infamous westboro baptist church visited San Francisco.

WBC’s hate-promoting signs were answered by multiple signs of randomness, nonsensical yelling, and even a unicorn. A portable stereo blared Lady GaGa, while press and people passing by ignored the WBC signs and took pictures and videos of the more entertaining signs. I was also there and turned on the video camera while holding my sign.

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