6:30PM - 9PM
$250 for 6 workshop sessions

This workshop series led by Eyebeam Fellow Kaho Abe is for artists, designers and hobbyists interested in starting to think about and explore alternative physical interfaces that can be used in games, toys or interactive art projects.

Projects: Beyond the Joystick
People: Kaho Abe
Research: Game Design
Tags: games, physical computing, workshops

A workshop on Legal Tools
for Open Source Hardware
March 17, 2010
at Eyebeam, Art + Technology Center
New York, NY

The Opening Hardware Workshop was aimed at creating a direct dialogue between Creative Commons and some of the most significant players in the Open Source Hardware Community. The workshop included leaders and founders from Arduino, MakerBot, Adafruit, WIRED, Chumby, Open Prosthetics, Free Software Foundation, Evil Mad Science, Buglabs and others. The workshop is considered to be a seminal moment in the Open Hardware movement, and gave rise to the Open Source Hardware Definition which became the governing charter of the movement, the Open Hardware Summit, and the public selection of the Open Hardware logo.

People: Ayah Bdeir
Tags: workshops

Karaj Media Lab Beirut

Founded Beirut’s first non profit lab
for experimental arts, architecture and technology.
Mar Mikhayel, Beirut
in collaboration with Adib Dada
Supported by Creative Commons, and Parsons Design Technology

Karaj is Beirut’s first non-profit media lab for experimental arts, architecture and technology.

People: Ayah Bdeir
Tags: workshops

I am teaching this workshop again starting next week September 21st – October 26th, Wednesdays from 6:30-9pm. For more info go here:

People: Kaho Abe
Tags: workshops, eyebeam

A few events coming up worth noting. This friday 8pm – midnight there will be a rebroadcast of Future Archaeology‘s audience participatory performance of Ohm at the Index Festival. You can catch it on TV Time Warner channel 57 or join us at the rebroadcast party (same time) at Silvershed 119 w. 25th st. PH in Manhattan.

Sept. 1st at noon I will be discussing my work at an art salon benefit for Grounds for Sculpture in NJ. The tickets are $60 and include a fancy lunch and glass of wine. Call (609) 586-0616 for tickets. This is also pretty much your last chance to see Totem (who has been evolving all summer) installed at Grounds for Sculpture as the exhibit comes down shortly after on 9/18. I am running this workshop series weekly on Tuesday Evenings for 6 weeks, starting on June 28 to Aug 2 at Eyebeam. It’s basically for artists, designers and hobbyists interested in starting to think about and explore alternative physical interfaces that can be used in games, toys or interactive art projects. We’ll be learning…

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Arrangements, 2004

From the Press Release:

SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 16th 14:00 [class will start at 15:00]

Location: Tschaikowskistraße 51, 13156 Berlin, Germany


Re:Group workshops and public programs buzzd


Potato Powered Buzzer from Kaho A on Vimeo.

I have been working on making a workshop. First I wanted to use potatoes to power sound generators, but I realized that the potatoes do not make enough current. I need like hundreds to make decent current. With a parallel/serial combo configuration I was able to make roughly 1.5V with something less than 1mA. This is enough to power a low-voltage piezo buzzer. It’s faint but it will do! I tried lemons and different cuts for both the lemons and potatoes, but so far the whole potatoes seem to work the best. It maybe a matter of opinion but powering something with potatoes seem more exciting than lemons!

People: Kaho Abe
Tags: eyebeam, workshops

Video interview with Amanda McDonald Crowley about the workshops associated with the Feedback exhibition.

Video by commissioned artist, Jason Jones, Not an Alternative

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