Review of Eyebeam curatorial research partners Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook (CRUMB)'s, Rethinking Curating: Art after the New Media


In April the Fairytale Fashion Show made it on ABC News. You can view the clip here.


Last fall, I had a lot of fun being a mentor for an episode of PBS SciGirls which aired last week. I worked with 11 year old SciGirls Ariella, Hallie, and Sophia to create a super hero princess dress for the Fairytale Fashion launch party. Watch the Episode here.


I wonder how long it will be before we see technologically whimsical fashions (such as hit Diana Eng’s designs) hit the streets and not just the runways.


MAKE, CRAFT and Maker Faire were sponsors of the Fairytale Fashion show 2010 with Diana Eng , here's Phil Torrone's video!


Fashion and technology aren’t always a match made in heaven. But self-described fashion nerd Diana Eng (of “Project Runway” season two fame) sought to marry together her two loves with “Fairytale Fashion,” the result of her residency at nonprofit art and technology center Eyebeam.


Adafruit attended the Fairytale Fashion show 2010 with Diana Eng, here’s our video – above in glorious HD (m4v here).


Remember Diana Eng, the mathematician-turned-fashion designer from Project Runway’s Season 2? Eng made a return to the runway last night with her first runway show in New York City.

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