Amelia Marzec, 30, displays her creation called Signal Strength. The hack involves using a device to send peer-to-peer signals between mobile phones, making a traditional network unnecessary and preventing conversations from being surreptitiously monitored.


The Next Generation of New Urbanists yes, these are young New Urbanists, because New Urbanism has been around long enough that it’s getting a little … old and the Street Plans Collaborative want to help. They’ve put together a “Tactical Urbanism” guide that you can download for use when you need some ideas about how to catalyze lasting change in your urban world.

Examples include guerrilla gardening, pop-up cafés, mobile vendors, and “Build a Better Block” projects. Most involve partnership with government agencies or local business owners, but they are almost all things that ordinary folks can initiate. Here’s how the guide’s authors explain the concept of “tactical urbanism”:

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TBMmapWeb1wo weeks ago I came across Sarah Nelson Wright’s compelling statement about Brooklyn Makes published here on Urban Omnibus. A thoughtful text for a contemplative project. I stopped by when she presented the project recently on the streets of North Brooklyn. Wright made three short videos of three different manufacturers in the Williamsburg-Greenpoint Industrial Zone, and then projected them onto the outside walls for two nights. Magical! It was like you could see right through the walls of these mysterious buildings to all the life and energy inside. Brooklyn does still make things.

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