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Duncombe and I have said more than once “you can change the laws, but it won’t matter if the culture doesn’t change with it.” For lack of a better term, I’m going to call this – for now – a Culture Gap.

A change may be “the right thing,” environmentally, economically, socially, for justice, but if people aren’t ready for it the change wont happen. Worse, you may see a backlash against the policy or enforcement.

Sadly, this may be what’s happening in the argument over New York City bike lanes. An extensive New York Magazine article today dives into these ideas:

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Crap-Cycle-Lanes--by-Warr-001Anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle knows how useless bike lanes are when they are a) not enforced, b) not respected by cabbies and other drivers, c) not maintained, d) way too small, or e) all of the above.

Check out this awesome Flickr group of photos about crap bike lanes, brought together by the Guardian, and inspired by the Warringron Cycle Campaign’s new book. If you have any of your own post about them in the comments and upload them to the Flickr group. Some excellent ones below.

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