memorial for my father, second day

true to the image or true to the intention
images have no intention, true to the image
true to the mood of the image, has no mood
nor true to the mood of the intention,
nor intention of the mood, nor truth to the image
which is formed by mood and intention,
no intention of intention, and no framing,
but framing of intention and mood, no framing
of the image, but the image's framing, breaking
the mood, intention

every image is memorial of itself,
memorial of every image, and a god
might say, so much sight, so much sight


Monochrome Transporter (2003) consists of a simple blue LCD screen pulsing in the darkness with subtle variations in depth and color temperature affecting the tones and rhythm of a droning sound composition. Over time one's senses become more finely tuned to the subtle shifts in this immersive environment, which evokes a minimalist perspective on the mutual influence of audio and image.

Project Created: 
May 2005
People: Thom Kubli
Project Type: Exhibited Project
Tags: image, sound, temperature
opening night 6 pm -9 pm

What Sound Does a Color Make?

Eyebeam is pleased to present the premiere of What Sound Does a Color Make?, featuring contemporary and historical works by an internationally diverse group of artists who manipulate sound with image and image with sound. Curated by Kathleen Forde and organized by ICI, What Sound Does a Color Make? includes artists who likewise use technology to inspire a renewed consciousness of highly un-technological experiences — physicality, human cognition, and perception.

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