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"The growing number of digital billboards on U.S. roads and highways consume large amounts of energy and are creating a wide variety of electronic waste, according to a new report (pdf). The new study says the typical digital billboard consumes about 30 times as much energy as the average American household."

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Video from our 48 Hour Hackathon featuring projects created during the event:

openFrameworks art, EL wire fashion, 3d printed bottle openers, LED email lights, massive LED matrix projects, and books hacked to hold digital collections of… books!

Photo: Nora Ligorano

Traditional tapestries communicated stories of battles, creation myths, and religion. Today, we are creating fields of threaded information streaming data through the fibers of a woven tapestry as light. It’s a way to visualize a virtual world to narrate the real-time story of global information culture.

The fiber optic tapestry is woven from information. It is analogous to the world wide web, using fiber optic thread to carry information and other data from the internet. It manifests itself as a surface of light and pattern, marrying traditional, hand-woven textiles with information technologies.

Fiber optic thread is woven on a loom into panels and connected to RGB LED’s, controlled by a computer for patterns and color sequences. The current prototype displays programmed sequences with defined patterns and colors.

Project Created: 
October 2009
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