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Invisible City

the Newtek Toaster was an analog/digital fx unit that
was widely used 15 years ago. it's possible to recreate
the fx in digital with some degree of accuracy. that's
what's going on here. I write with a 'slight fever'
brought on by who knows what. the result is Invisible
City which reverts the real back into the layering of
Second Life. the city dissolves, or rather the always
already dissolved city is reeled back into the apparent.
I insist this is the truth of the city, that everything
else is fiction. my insistence is performative.


Yesterday we went downtown to the African Burial Ground national monument, the court buildings, the bollards and barriers to street traffic in the financial district, Occupy Wall Street, 60 Wall Street, and Maiden Lane; Mark Shepard wrote the trip up for the Urban Research blog. The following was my response; I wasn't able to publish it directly. It might be of interest to others as well:



sondheims one-step

yes, fast and jumpy the way we like it up here on the north slope
you can dance and jiggle all you want to the sondheims one-step
and what's more it's fast and sneaky but you gotta be faster
than sondheims one-step and you can jance and diggle to

(parlor guitar, maybe my best playing to date)



oud recorded with TC-152 SD Sony recorder (first professional cassette
machine, 1973), using Realistic Stereo Electret-1 microphone 33-919A,
early (date unknown).

3 pieces. there's a glitch in the cables resulting in a mix of static
and odd digital limiter behavior that adds to the recording. there's
no audible wow or flutter in the capstans. you can hear capacitance
changes as a result of static buildup perhaps related to an imperfect
connection; the tape plays back perfectly on the recording machine.

there's an urgency in the voice of the oud making itself heard within,
not above, the fray. i think the problem is in the analog/digital
interface. the TC-152SD was manufactured with specially hardened tape-
heads that haven't been duplicated.


OMG I'm on .TV is post-analog TV station broadcasting in NYC on channel 14. We're broadcasting internet content to your TV, through a low-power TV transmitter. The website acts as an aggregator of online video content. You get to create the shows, vote on the shows, and participate in the whole process.

The TV station will run for a period of 45 days during which it will explore new content broadcast through an old nostalgic format. Analog television has been given the kiss of death, we're reviving it for a few more days. So enjoy it while it lasts.

There are a lot of great things about analog TV in addition to its fuzzy format. We love the lack of control. On the web, so many options create a panic of possibilities. On OMG TV, there is no fast forward button or other videos to distract you. In OMG TV's simplicity you can sit back and watch one video at a time.

Project Created: 
June 2009
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