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Barcelona's Innovative Public Recycling Containers
Barcelona's Environmental Department have produced new waste recycling containers which are designed for easy use by the city's whole population.

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paperback, 142 pages
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July 2008
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Edge Futures are a series of six books that explore the impact that climate change will have on different aspects of our lives in the future. They are available to order as individual titles or as a complete set.

By the year 2025, the climate will have changed irrevocably, mainly as a result of greenhouse gas emissions. The temperature is predicted to be, on average, half a degree warmer and will fluctuate to a greater extent. Rainfall will have reduced but will also become more extreme. Resources such as energy, water and food imports will be in shorter supply and transport will be constrained; partly as a result of climate change but also due to regulations aimed at preventing global warming. In a series of important and timely books, The Edge Group explore the impact these changes will have on our lives in the future.

People: Duncan McCorquodale
Research: Urban Research
Tags: weather, urban planning, global climate change
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