Was able to get the Motu connected with either Audacity or CoolEdit, both up to 192k. The latter bricked a bit; I had to find a way around the settings, but it wasn't difficult. I'm using an ASUS gaming machine, Win7, and there haven't been any issues. The reverb can be set to swallow up anything. I recorded from a 1980s RadioShack multi-function radio, expanding and contracting the sound; I was listening to static. I learn more from static these days than from the religious programs that dominate sw. But the range was limited. I did better with the vibration meter raised several octaves; the next step, more difficult, should be to record VLF radio; I might just send the raw signal in through the mic input, set Aud back to 192k and hope for the best. The Motu needs a power supply; I'm going to look around RadioShack to see if I can find or build something that allows the whole load of stuff out into the field.

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Audiovisual technology has returned to spectacle. Artists are armed with new technologies for fusing space and image, sound and sight. What they tend not to have is permanent spaces. And that lack of venues has made audiovisual artists nomadic and provisional, constrained to hastily-provisioned, rectangular, sometimes dim projections. In short, for revolutions to happen, you do need special venues, not just special artists.

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Windows/Mac (Adobe AIR): Desktop widget application Snippage displays snipped portions of web pages as widgets on your desktop, so you can keep your eye on your to-do list, email, or anything you'd like.

Once you've installed the application, you can create a snip of a page by expanding the widget to full-size view, browsing to the site you want to snip, and then just positioning the square over the portion you'd like to see. Click the scissors icon, and you'll have a widget that you can place anywhere on your desktop. You can create multiple snips and put them wherever you'd like, set the links to open in a new window, and even disable automatic page refreshing if you choose.

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