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12 Dec 2012

An Introduction to Computational Fashion:
Transforming design, textiles and the social experience around wearable technology

Projects: Computational Fashion
People: Gabi Asfour, Kaho Abe, Katherine Isbister, Sabine Seymour
Research: Open Culture
Tags: Art and Design, Fashion, hacking, wearable technology
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Jon Cohrs and Morgan Levy are selling bottles of Alviso's Medicinal All-Salt: hand-harvested medicinal cure-all salt for $52.50 each.

Are you feeling depressed? Sick of paying exorbitant rates for birth control?
Traditionally, medical conditions are treated through expensive appointments and prescription drugs. Alviso's Medicinal All-Salt is a unique low-dosage cocktail of all our most commonly used drugs, brought together in one simple salty remedy, naturally.

The All-Salt process harvests two popular commodities, sea salt and recycled pharmaceuticals from water treatment plants, to produce one fine medicinal product: a cure-all salt for every condition, hand harvested and sun dried for purity.

Inhabitants of San Jose have long harvested sea salt from the San Francisco Bay's ocean waters.

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