Eyebeam Fellow Aaron Meyers, photo by Roddy Schrock

APPLICATION DEADLINES: Noon on Oct. 14 for Residencies and noon on Oct. 15 for Fellowships

Eyebeam is pleased to announce its Open Call for Winter/Spring Residencies and 2011 Fellowships. Up to four Fellows and six Residents will begin working in the first quarter of 2011 at Eyebeam's state-of-the-art new media design, research, and fabrication studios. Eyebeam Fellows are selected from an annual open call and receive an 11-month fellowship with stipend in support of their ongoing practice and research. Eyebeam Residents are selected from a biannual open call of artists, technologists and engineers for a five-month residency, with stipend, in support of specific projects. See the "get involved" section of our website for the full calls and application instructions for each.


Eyebeam is pleased to announce its Open Call for 2013 Spring / Summer Residencies and 2013 Fellowships. Up to six Residents and three Fellows will join continuing Fellows and Residents in March 2013 at Eyebeam's shared design, research, and fabrication labs.

In brief, Eyebeam Residents are selected from a semiannual open call and receive a 5-month residency with stipend in support of project realization. Eyebeam Fellows are selected from an annual open call and receive a 11-month Fellowship with stipend in support of spearheading new research and development. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, November 26, 12PM (noon) EST.

For full information and how to apply, please see the Fellowship Call and Residency Call



Security cameras, RFID scanners, and GPS tracking have become ubiquitous to the point that privacy can be an imagined concept. According to one popular statistic, the average New York City resident is caught on surveillance camera 75 times a day. Eyebeam Fellow Mark Shepard has created the Sentient City Survival Kit, a toolkit of apps, gadgets, and tactics that anticipate and creatively counter-act urban environments that will soon be capable of predicting not only one’s location, but possibly actions or even thoughts. The smartphone application Serendipitor, playfully challenges the efficiency of GPS directions by deliberately guiding the user in a circuitous path. As a member of Eyebeam’s Urban Research group, Mark aims to explore the use of control technologies - not only security cameras and RFID scanners, but also concrete architecture - as an influence on the psyche of city and civilian.


A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the site weeknotes.com, and the concept struck to me as a great, low-commitment way of journaling without the pretense of pretending to have some super deep insights  that need to be written down.

Weeknotes are “about reflecting on your work, your achievements, and what’s on deck.“   Simple.

It has been 145 weeks since I started as a fellow at Eyebeam – arguably the beginning of my professional career.  So, what happened on this 145th week?

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