People: Jeff Crouse
Tags: bullshit

I have kind of an unhealthy fascination with the site Blingee.com.  Below are some of my Blingee creations.  For more of my Blingee goodness, check out my Blingee profile.

Laboral Crew

The Laboral Crew!

People: Jeff Crouse
Tags: bullshit

I am introducing a new category on my site: the Bullshit category. Specifically for all of the stupid stuff that I make on the Internets when I am procrastinating.

All school children from now on need to learn Morrissey Code

For some reason this particular line from Best in Show will be with me until the day I die.

People: Jeff Crouse
Tags: bullshit

4 days of intense collaboration have passed. 1 more day left to go. I’m tired.

Networking with new collaborators

Marta and I comparing quotes and cats - pic by Mandiberg / Flickr

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