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Paperback 362 pages. Includes audio CD.
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May 2008
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The groundbreaking mix CD that accompanies this book features Nam Jun Paik, the Dada Movement, John Cage, Sonic Youth, and many other examples of avant-garde music. Most of the CD's content comes from the archives of Sub Rosa, a legendary record label that has been the benchmark for archival sounds since the beginnings of electronic music. (For a complete list of audio credits, see below.)


Bluetooth Beats is a physical turntable emulator. With a DJ Hero controller, a Wiimote, OSCulator, and PureData, Bluetooth Beats gives anyone the ability to manipulate and scratch songs like a DJ without the need for expensive, professional equipment.

The purpose of the official DJ Hero game is to reproduce the experience of being an actual DJ. For example, in the game, when a user places their finger on the 'vinyl' and pulls in a certain direction it makes a scratch sound. These actions take place in a controlled environment, with set songs and scratch points, where a user follows prompts provided by the game - scoring points for reproducing the sounds in the game.

Project Created: 
June 2010
interior of La Conga music store in Passaic, N.J. Photo by Alexis Stephens

This project will examine where the production of contemporary electronic music engages with
informal economies and transnational distribution networks, with a specific focus on the Mexican
cumbia sonidera scene along the East Coast such as Passaic, NJ. Although thriving, with dozens of parties each month in the NYC area alone, this scene has been ignored by both English- and Spanish-language media. Its locally-produced music enters, almost immediately, into highly fluid global routes of circulation. At parties, for instance, crowds give the DJ handwritten notes and text messages to be read on top of the music; these contain shout-outs to distant family, friends, and lovers. Afterward, the DJs sell live recordings of the night, which attendees then purchase and mail across the border (or hold onto as personal souvenirs).

I'm particularly interested in how these practices touch on aspects of memory and tangibility in the

Project Created: 
March 2010

Bennett is a graduate of NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a B.A. in New Media and Arts Production. He is a founding member of the net art collective Double Happiness, whose work has been featured in the Irish Times,, and Wall Street Journal Online. He curated and organized The Great Internet Sleepover in 2007 at Eyebeam Atelier. He is a member of the Graffiti Research Lab, documenting, video-making, and logging hours as Anti-Hype Man and Official DJ.
A record collector and DJ, discerning rap aficionado and field recordist, he has hosted radio shows and was a Web Producer for Fair Game, currently DJs with Serious Business in and around New York City, and worked for artist Cory Arcangel.

Eyebeam CV
2010FExhibiting Artist

Diskotron (2002)
Modified turntable, software, optical sensor and computer

Diskotron is an optical turntable that can play "records" which can be printed or drawn. The turntable is outfitted with a high-resolution optical sensor array and a speedy microprocessor, enabling it to turn visual marks and codes into MIDI sequences in real time. Connected to a computer, Diskotron functions as a live performance instrument combined with a hands-on tangible interface.

Pashenkov was born in the Soviet Union in 1975 and since 1991 he has resided in New York City .He has worked as a designer and site developer at methodfive and then PlumbDesign, both large web development companies in New York. In the fall of 2000, he joined the Aesthetics & Computation Group at the MIT Media Laboratory under the guidance of John Maeda.


Project Created: 
July 2002
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