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marices from blender and other programs for modeling

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26 Apr 2011 - 7 May 2011
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Cooper Hewitt, Eyebeam, & Smart Design

The Jell-O Mold Competition partnered with the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and Eyebeam Art + Technology Center to take Jell-O on a whirlwind tour through New York City with a Jell-O Mold Workshop for high school students interested in food, design, and technology!

Student teams work with designers to develop and create molds using traditional techniques and 3-D printing technology to enter into the third annual Jell-O Mold Competition scheduled for June 25, 2011. Workshop sessions are hosted at Cooper-Hewitt, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, and Smart Design. 3D printing materials at Eyebeam were generously provided by Stratasys.

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The first edition of Botacon took place last weekend in Brooklyn. The lineup of speakers was impressive and made for one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. But one materials-related presentation stood out. Mr.


MakerBot Industries was born out of the NYC Resistor hackerspace in 2009. It is a company that produces a 3-D printer kit called MakerBot which sells for under $1,000. Founders Bre Pettis, Adam Mayer, and Zach “Hoeken” Smith used open-source software, the Arduino microcontroller and digital fabrication techniques to create a low-cost competitor to high-end 3-D printers that sell for well over $20,000


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open3DP's recipes

Open3DP’s Recipes are a really nice resource for those interested in experimenting with different materials for 3D printing. There’s a little bit of everything in there, from glass to porcelain to sugar.

Open3dp is a website hosted by the Solheim Rapid Prototyping Laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering Department on the University of Washington campus. Its purpose is to disseminate information and foster a community of people interested in an open sharing of 3D printing information.

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