Festival of Sustainable Immobility

Mark Belinsky, Digital Democracy is at Electrosmog in Amsterdam takes pic of Beka Economopoulos @ Eyebeam, presenting on the Branded Cities panel.



Projects: Electrosmog
People: Mark Belinsky, Beka Economopoulos
Research: Sustainability
Tags: Festival of Sustainable Immobility, Electrosmog

As part of the Urban WIlderness Action Center, Myriel Milicevic + Jon Cohrs are organizing the Berlin Micro-Turf Expedition. With a team of self-defined experts (you), we will survey parking lot ecosystems, abandoned infrastructures, trade routes, and micro habitats of Berlin by dissecting the fringe-ecologies within the city.

The expedition will report back live to the ElectroSmog festival with its band of specialists who will setup up camp in several different areas in Berlin.

Projects: Urban Wilderness Action Center
People: Jon Cohrs
Tags: UWAC, sustainability, Festival of Sustainable Immobility, Electrosmog
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