I spent a lot of today trying to move my Unlogo repository from Google Code to Github. Kind of a waste, but maybe it will help someone else.

When you make a Github repository, one of the first things it asks you is if you would like to import a subversion repository. But for some reason this wasn’t working with the Unlogo Google Code repository.  It would just hang while trying to get the authors or something…

There is also an entire help page about moving from Subversion to Github which recommends svn2git or git-svn.  Neither of these worked for me either.  They would just kind of fail silently and nothing would happen.  So, being the masochist that I am, I decided to just write a little bash script that loops through each subversion revision and commits it to Github.

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I’ve been gittin’ it up†† over at Github recently.  I think I’ve racked up over 100 commits over the past few months, but I completely made that up, so I’m not sure.

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I just pushed the first version of an add-on for openFrameworks that is a wrapper for Berkelium, an BSD licensed library that provides off-screen browser rendering via Google’s open source Chromium web browser. Essentially, this allows you to render a web page to an OpenGL texture, or get the pixels for further analysis. Right now it only works in XCode, but you can download the binaries here and it should work on Linux and Windows too.


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One of my students asked me to port some processing code that he found in a book for one of his assignments. I thought it was kind of clever, so here it is.

Stay tuned for proper credits.

== Edit – fixed link ==
Download Source

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At this point I can’t remember why I went with OpenCV1.0 to bundle with the oF extension, but Timothy Llewellynn was nice enough to point out that I could upgrade, so I did!
— This version has OpenCV2.0 compiled for armv6 and armv7 in a single universal. I didn’t bother to compile for i386 because the camera doesn’t work in the simulator and that’s what I was using it for. But if someone wants to throw that into the universal too, please let me know.

Also, Timothy was nice enough to send me OpenCV1.1 – apparently the most stable version ATM? — compiled for arm, so if you want to get these and replace them, you can do that also.

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One of my students wants to search entries in her project.  Here’s how!


title; ?>

by author; ?> on epoch_time); ?>

content; ?>

PS: If your server complains about ‘file_get_contents’, paste in this function and replace ‘file_get_contents’ with ‘curl_get_contents’

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UPDATEsee this post.

The 4.0 release of the iPhone OS has introduced access to the pixel data of the live camera stream through the AVCaptureDevice class in the AVFoundation framework.  Want to use it?  OK!

If you want the SUPER SIMPLE way and just want to start playing around immediately, get this version of oF that I fixed up for the 4.0 OS.
otherwise (and I recommend it), read on.

NOTE: This is written for OSX/XCode.  I have no idea about other platforms.

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A couple of students also asked about using JSON in openFrameworks.  Here is a quick example of using json-cpp.

JSONExample: using json-cpp in openFrameworks. XCode format

NOTE: you will need this updated version of ofxHttpUtils_03 and ofxThread (which comes with the FAT version of oF) to run the example.


One of my students wants to get stock quotes from Yahoo Finance for his project, so I wrote a bit of code to do a HTTP GET and regular expression.  I am a bit out of touch with what has been going on with scraping/web-related stuff in oF, but I recently got a request for a scraper addon that I helped write forever ago, and I wasn’t able to quickly find anything much newer, so I thought this might be useful.  It actually takes advantage of the Poco library, which is now part of the standard oF distribution, so anyone can use it without getting any additional addons.


Part 1 of a 2-part lesson on working with bitmaps in openFrameworks.


simple image processing


pixicles = pixels+particles

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