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Photos via Imperial College London and psyberartist

Compostable plastic. For those familiar with plant-based plastics such as PLA, made from corn, you're probably rolling your eyes. Usually the terms "compostable" or "biodegradable" are stretched to the breaking point when it comes to these plastics. While manufacturers say PLA is biodegradeable, it's not like you can toss it in your compost pile and expect it to decompose in any sort of reasonable time ...Read the full story on TreeHugger

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Barcelona's Innovative Public Recycling Containers
Barcelona's Environmental Department have produced new waste recycling containers which are designed for easy use by the city's whole population.


Lynn's documentary Still We Ride based on events surrounding the 2004 Republican National Convention in NYC and the Critical Mass bicycling movement was a collaboration with Elizabeth Press presented during a screening  at Eyebeam in 2007.  Lynn was a teaching artist in the After-School Atelier Spring 2004 entitled Recycling Media.


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The Urine to Fertilizer Kits were on display at the Museum of Modern art as part of their exhibition for Earth Day. Other works in the show included Isabella Rossellini's fabulous Green Porno series, Superflex's Flooded McDonald's, and Michel de Broin's Pedal-powered Buick.

The DrinkPeeDrinkPeeDrinkPee installation at the Eyebeam Feedback exhibition in March 2008.

Drink.Pee.Drink.Pee.Drink.Pee looks at the very personal environmental issues caused by flushing our pee down the toilet: harmful algae blooms in aquatic ecosystems and pee-derived pharmaceuticals in our drinking water. How do we deal with the fact that our planet’s water cycles through a closed system? How do we take control of fact that what's in our pee ends up in the water we drink?

Project Created: 
January 2008

On Monday, April 6th, at 7:00 we've got a show at Terence Koh's gallery space (Asia Song Society or ASS) as the first installment in their new programming series, Expel.

You drink beer. Then, pee in a cup. We'll turn it into fertilizer while you dance and socialize. At the end of the evening, we will scoop some fertilizer back into your cup and you can take it home to fertilize your plants.

Asia Song Society

45 Canal St, between Orchard and Ludlow.

Monday, April 6th, 7-9pm.

This is part of the Drink.Pee.Drink.Pee.Drink.Pee project, along with the installation and Urine to Fertilizer DIY Kit we created here at Eyebeam in March of 2008.


In Benoit, Mississipi when your home gets destroyed buy a plane!

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