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Paperback, 60 pages and DVD-ROM
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July 2003
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Bleeding Through: Layers of Los Angeles, 1920 - 1986 is an interactive DVD-ROM exploring the ideas of renowned cultural historian Norman M. Klein. A loosely constructed documentary underlying a flexible literary journey, it is an urban bricolage held together by the outline of a novel spanning sixty-six years: At the center is Molly - based on a real-life person - who may be hiding a murder. She lives within a three square-mile area near downtown Los Angeles, a death zone where more cinematic murders have been committed than anywhere else in the world. This neighborhood, one of the most complex ethnographic districts in the United States, is represented in Hollywood movies, urban legends and real estate boosterism in ways that erase the lived ethnographic reality. Out of this rich blend of narratives, users must decide what to include and what to leave out so that their own version of the story will become legible.

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