Mark Essen is a game designer, who lives in Los Angeles and is currently a grad student in UCLA's Design and Media Arts program. His work has been exhibited at FILE in Sao Paulo, the New Museum in New York, MoCCA in Toronto, FACT, [DAM] Berlin, Vice/Intel's international Creators Project, and various other galleries, festivals, and basements.

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On Thursday, May 7th 2009, 15 Loughlin students in Brooklyn had a video-conference call via Skype with students from St. Francis Assisi Academy in Liverpool, England. The purpose of the call was to share thoughts about global warming. St. Francis is also a Lasallian school and the conversation was part of a community project they did called Climate for Change.

Projects: Climate for Change - Is the world ready for change
People: Emma Lloyd
Research: Education, Sustainability
Tags: Climate for Change, education, sustainability, youth, FACT
Start Date: 
4 Apr 2009 - 20 Apr 2009
FACT, Liverpool, UK
Partner Organizations: 

Location: FACT, Liverpool, UK
Cost: Free

Continuing our collaboration with the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT) on their Climate for Change project, Eyebeam senior fellow Jeff Crouse and director of technology Emma Lloyd will be engaging hands-on workshops with Liverpool residents within FACT's Gallery 1. Climate for Change is an exhibition that promotes activism and community collaboration in the midst of environmental and financial crisis.

Projects: Climate for Change - workshops
People: Emma Lloyd, Jeff Crouse
Research: Education, Sustainability
Tags: FACT
Partner Organizations: FACT
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