A sample frame (minus logo) of a prototype of what the filter does.

Unlogo is a new tactical media project from Eyebeam Alum Jeff Crouse that eliminates logos and other corporate signage from videos. The project launched this week as part of the Berkeley Net Art Exhibition.

Join Jeff for a 2-hour workshop on Sept 29th from 6-8PM where he will teach participants how to use the tools behind Unlogo: the new FFMPEG AVFilter interface in conjunction with OpenCV to make "smart" video filters.

You can also support the project's future development with your dollars via the Unlogo Kickstarter campaign. http://kck.st/co2Ec6


A couple of students also asked about using JSON in openFrameworks.  Here is a quick example of using json-cpp.

JSONExample: using json-cpp in openFrameworks. XCode format

NOTE: you will need this updated version of ofxHttpUtils_03 and ofxThread (which comes with the FAT version of oF) to run the example.


One of my students wants to get stock quotes from Yahoo Finance for his project, so I wrote a bit of code to do a HTTP GET and regular expression.  I am a bit out of touch with what has been going on with scraping/web-related stuff in oF, but I recently got a request for a scraper addon that I helped write forever ago, and I wasn’t able to quickly find anything much newer, so I thought this might be useful.  It actually takes advantage of the Poco library, which is now part of the standard oF distribution, so anyone can use it without getting any additional addons.


Part 1 of a 2-part lesson on working with bitmaps in openFrameworks.


simple image processing


pixicles = pixels+particles

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