A sample frame (minus logo) of a prototype of what the filter does.

Unlogo is a new tactical media project from Eyebeam Alum Jeff Crouse that eliminates logos and other corporate signage from videos. The project launched this week as part of the Berkeley Net Art Exhibition.

Join Jeff for a 2-hour workshop on Sept 29th from 6-8PM where he will teach participants how to use the tools behind Unlogo: the new FFMPEG AVFilter interface in conjunction with OpenCV to make "smart" video filters.

You can also support the project's future development with your dollars via the Unlogo Kickstarter campaign.

Start Date: 
29 Sep 2010
$5+ suggested donation to Unlogo Kickstarter campaign

Join Eyebeam Alum Jeff Crouse for a skillshare/pizza party to support his new project: Unlogo.  Jeff will teach you how to detect and track logos in videos using OpenCV 2.1, and augment/manipulate videos with the new FFMPEG AVFilter interface.

*Some* c++ experience recommended.

Please RSVP here:

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