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Feminist Reproduction 3D Printing Workshop

Since Eyebeam’s founding 16 years ago, 2013 marks the very first year that its roster of Fellows and Residents includes more women than men. The Very First Year is a series of public events and installations in consideration of this fact, organized by 2013 fellow Laurel Ptak and inspired by her ongoing research at Eyebeam into cyberfeminist art practices since the 1990s.

 The Very First Year will explore contemporary aspects of gender, feminism, technology and art from numerous angles. A range of activities and installations will take place at Eyebeam, including public events on:

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July 2013

Eyebeam's The Counter Kitchen Turns Food Upside-Down and Inside Out
By Lauren Shockey, Wed., Mar. 9 2011 @ 12:16PM

Kitchen confidential? Never!
Eyebeam, a cool nonprofit celebrating the intersection of art and technology, is hosting a series called The Counter Kitchen, which explores how science and marketing have made food and product labels impossible to decode and will teach participants to reverse-engineer favorite foods.


Gastro-Vision: Food and Technology in an Art Lab
November 26th, 2010
by Nicole Caruth

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