Today is Tax Day. While most Americans think their tax bill is fair, many have no idea where exactly their hard-earned money goes. Let's face it, many leaders in government aren't so clear on how much tax money goes to all the different government-funded programs.

So Google and Eyebeam hosted a contest to find the best data visualization of where our tax money goes. Here are seven standouts. Think of them as visual receipts for your tax bill. One of them actually is, and it's pretty funny.

Anil Kandangath won $5,000 for his first place entry Where Did My Tax Dollars Go?, an extremely easy to use visual calculator of government spending.


And The Visualizing Marathon 2010 Winner Is…

2010 Winner: MICA Team #3

One Day Cause + Effect:
A look at energy emissions and water usage over the course of one day.

Submitted by:
Christina Beard, Christopher Clark, Chris McCampbell, Supisa Wattanasansanee

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