public sculpture

Untitled Prototype (c) Nick Hornby 2011

What happens when you mix things together?   Do you make brown?  Or do you make explosions, or riots, or Chords and triads, Pop-art, or postmodernism?  

Project Created: 
February 2011

Carolina Vales (b1982) lives and works in Mexico City.  A graduate in  Architecture from the Universidad Iberoamericana in 2007, Mexico City, she has participated on urban projects for the Venice Bienal, the Sao Paulo Bienal and a Holcims Awards Foundation competition and worked with De Yturbe Arquitectos for urban design projects. She is currently living in New York where she is working with Nick Hornby on a series of new sculptures and architectural pavilions considering the intersection of art and design: sculpture, furniture, interior and urban design.


Eyebeam CV

(public sculpture by unknown, let s call it ‘Hang Over’. found in front of Louvre, Paris last weekend.)


(found public sulpture by anonymous (?) at Nordbahnhof, Berlin)

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