Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

I wanted to make the initial run of Fortune Cookie Coin Purses myself. So I made my own leather cutting machine by hacking together pieces from different professional cutting machines. The machine I made was difficult to operate, so I went to visit a professional cutter where I learned that the most efficient way to cut the coin purses was actually by hand with scissors. The cutter was really nice and will be cutting my next product.


While vinyl is eco friendly, I wanted to make my Fortune Cookie Coin Purses with real, high-grade leather . I decided to recycle remnant leather. But finding the leather was a big adventure and took months of finding pieces here and there. I feel like the cookies have different personalities, because each piece of leather has it’s own story.


Fortune Cookie Coin Purse was been in development for four months, here’s a look back at the first sketch, prototype, and dust bag mock up. I’ve been wanting to create a Fortune Cookie Coin Purse for years. I really studied the shape of the real cookie to get the angle of the cookie’s pinch just right. The dust bag design was inspired by gourmet food wrappers and Chinese paper cuts.

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