Magic Bike

12pm - 6pm

540 W. 21st St.

Beta Launch: Artists in Residence '03, the second annual exhibition of works from Eyebeam's Artists in Residence Program include performances, workshops, presentations, an on-line forum, wireless games and a live auction event. Exhibition will take place October 23 - December 13, 2003. Tues- Sat, 12-6pm at Eyebeam's Chelsea facility.

Beta Launch ’03 will consist of two consecutive exhibitions as well as the Beta Lounge. The BetaLounge is a space for continual interaction to complement the installations in the main gallery. Daytime programs in the BetaLounge will include: artist displays; computer stations to allow visitors to explore more about Eyebeam programs; Wi-Fi access; a book/video station; and a space for screenings, informal presentations, workshops and more.

Exhibition Part 1: October 23 - November 15

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