Taeyoon Choi isn't at this Ikea, the second largest store location in the world, to buy a coffee table. He's not there for delicious meatballs and lingonberry sauce, either. He's in Ikea to create crazy-weird experimental noise machines.


The Creators Project 2011 Launch Wrap-Up
by Kathleen Flood February 24, 2011
Yesterday, we released a huge announcement outlining all the exciting endeavors we’re planning for 2011, including the launch of The Studio ...

Later in the evening we held an event at the 3LD Art & Technology Center in Lower Manhattan, where we utilized their transformative Eyeliner 3D projection technology to liven up the traditional press conference format by projecting visuals in front of and around the speakers.

VICE’s Shane Smith, Intel’s Marketing Director John Galvin, and Paul Banks and Daniel Kessler from Interpol discussed the implications of the project’s first year and their hopes for the coming year, and before hitting the dance floor, we got a chance to meet our newest Creator from South Korea, Taeyoon Choi, who’s currently a fellow at EYEBEAM Art and Technology Center in NYC.

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