“I Scream,” at Eyebeam NYC
Posted by: mikelee on Mar 21, 2011

This past Saturday at the Eyebeam Art + Technology center, I was invited by Stefani Bardin and Brooke Singer to present at their Counter Kitchen event series. The Counter Kitchen brings in guests to deconstruct items that are in the mass marketplace and often have chemical ingredients of questionable nature. ...


March 20, 2011

Yesterday Mike Lee of Studiofeast (previously) taught us how to build the perfect ice cream. I’ve never been to an event at The Counter Kitchen. I really enjoyed the format, particularly the emphasis on exploring industrially-processed foods in comparison to the craft of home-cooking.

Here Mike delves into the myriad ingredients of Breyer’s vanilla and explains what we should keep, replace with other ingredients, or (most likely) skip altogether. And he reveals the formula for fail-proof ice cream base: 66% milk, 12% heavy cream, 15% sugar, 7% egg yolk … and then of course flavor, which is entirely up to you.

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