Banking Virtual Currency


In 2010 the Diego de la Vega network made a certain amount of cash over Google Adsense. It was so little, yet in a way this represented the Gross Domestic Product of 2010 of the cooperative media conglomerate. In January 13 2011, ten thousand pixels (1/10,000) of a Digital Maoist Sunflower were coined and by democratic vote distributed the next day using a market socialist approach: allocating the pixels of a Digital Maoist Sunflower as budget for the Diego de la Vega enterprises, that way the collectivity made money and not the individuals directly. This 10,000 pixels represented a year in business, and thru the use of these, it was expected to generate sufficient trade to activate the virtual community economy and socialize the sunflower network coin.

Project Created: 
January 2011
People: Fran Ilich
Project Type: Activism
Tags: Banking Virtual Currency
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