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The novella Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy developed from entries recorded by artist Jill Magid in her black book, during and between meetings based on experiences working the night-shift with a police officer who she had been shadowing, off the record.

Start Date: 
13 Oct 2007

Summer songs workshop + performance

Workshop: 1–4PM Snack Break: 4–5PM Performance: 5–6PM

Learn to sing shape note music this Saturday with a free workshop by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg and Carrie Dashow.

Presenting new songs written over summer on their Subliminal History of New York State: Route of Progress tour, Carrie and Jesse invite everyone to join them in a performance to sing shape note songs, pop some balloons, and welcome the Fall!

Projects: The Subliminal History of New York State
People: Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Carrie Dashow
Tags: Interference
Start Date: 
27 Oct 2007

Forays (Eyebeam production fellow Geraldine Juárez and resident Adam Bobbette) will run a public workshop on Saturday, October 27 at 12PM, to build an Edible Waste Machine. Come and turn your waste into endless food!

This workshop is part of Eyebeam’s current Interference 10 year retrospective exhibition, running from September 27 to November 10, 2007.

Projects: Edible Waste Machine
People: Geraldine Juarez, Forays, Adam Bobbette
Tags: Interference
Start Date: 
1 Nov 2007

Meet Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena at 7PM sharp at Eyebeam, and project your ideas of the metropolis using the Urballoon as we take it to the streets of New York City. This is a chance to experience the Urballoon outside of the gallery and in its natural habitat. You‘ll also get a chance to discuss the project with Carlos in person.

Everyone is welcome and everyone is invited to participate!

Just a heads up before you come to Eyebeam on Thursday night: please post your definitions of New York City to be projected on the Urballoon using text, images, or animations, by clicking on:

Required Uploading Specs:


Start Date: 
10 Nov 2007

Join us for the Interference Closing Reception!

4–5PM: Techno Dumpster Dive Techniques and Demonstration

A discussion and demonstration of dumpster diving techniques by a representative from, with an assignment for those present to go out into the streets to collect “abandoned technology” over the upcoming weeks for future Eyebeam workshops such as the Holiday Hackshop (December 1) and the Free Media workshop (February 16). This will be followed by performance/demonstration of the Edible Excess Machine.

5–7PM: Demo, Discussion and Drinks

Join us for drinks and demonstrations of Yury Gitman’s Magicbike, and the Grafitti Research Lab’s Mobile Broadcast Unit with L.A.S.E.R. Tag, which we will take out onto West 21st Street.


Robert Ransick, a NYC-based artist and cultural producer, will research and plan a sustainable and Internet-enabled shelter to be deployed in the Sonoran desert. This prototype is intended to explore the possibility of creating life-saving beacons in an otherwise hostile landscape, enabling private property owners to help foster a humane border and creating a platform for understanding the motivations and stories of the thousands of migrants who make this dangerous trek through the desert. For this project Robert will collaborate with architects Paola Sanguinetti and Blake Goble, as well as emerging artist Ryan Moran.

Eyebeam CV
During her residency, Jill developed a series of projects based on experiences working the night-shift with a police officer who she has been shadowing, off the record.
Multimedia Installation: Printed book; MTA CCTV dvd's, sound works, objects, and framed digital photographs.

"Last winter I came back to New York City after living five years abroad. I rented an apartment in Brooklyn and took the subway often. Everyone is in transit, except the officers. I approached one and asked him to search me. I began to accompany this officer on many of his nighttime posts. He was not sure if he could trust me, and I was not sure if I should trust him. We continued to meet despite this.
I kept record of our meetings and logged them in different forms." Jill Magid

Project Created: 
January 2006
People: Jill Magid
Research: Urban Research
Project Type: Installation, Photo, Video
Tags: Interference
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