Was able to get the Motu connected with either Audacity or CoolEdit, both up to 192k. The latter bricked a bit; I had to find a way around the settings, but it wasn't difficult. I'm using an ASUS gaming machine, Win7, and there haven't been any issues. The reverb can be set to swallow up anything. I recorded from a 1980s RadioShack multi-function radio, expanding and contracting the sound; I was listening to static. I learn more from static these days than from the religious programs that dominate sw. But the range was limited. I did better with the vibration meter raised several octaves; the next step, more difficult, should be to record VLF radio; I might just send the raw signal in through the mic input, set Aud back to 192k and hope for the best. The Motu needs a power supply; I'm going to look around RadioShack to see if I can find or build something that allows the whole load of stuff out into the field.

Tags: Mac, Motu, Marko
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