Occu-bot is a D.I.Y robot for occupation and picket holding. Management-bot (also known as the Financier) is a walking bot that accompanies the Occubot. Barking-bot is a megaphone-dog that confronts the Occubot and protects the Management-bot.

December 25.  2011
All hardware by Taeyoon Choi with assistance of Claire Arbitz on gear box.
Performance photography by Jongchul Lee http://reths.com/

For more information http://taeyoonchoi.com/2011/12/occu-bot-and-financier-bot/  


Project Created: 
December 2011
People: Taeyoon Choi
Research: Urban Research
Project Type: Activism
Tags: DIY, ows, Tutorial

brilliant roots yellows and blues

Fender electric guitar

brilliant blues in brilliant blue taking harmony harmonics
to new levels & always difficult to do new with the blues
but here, yes!
brilliant yellows in brilliant yellow taking harmonic
harmonics to new levels & always difficult to do new with
jazz and other chording but yes!, here

accompanying http://www.alansondheim.org/ows.mp4
Occupy Wall Street birdlife

I have to prove to myself I can still play like this. I
have to prove to myself I'm better than ever. I have to
think I'm taking myself to new heights. I have to think

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