I always wanted to make this DVD! During deaddrops.com people warned there could be viruses on the USB drive! Yes, there could be! But now, look! Here is a DVD full of viruses (and artefacts of their history) OMG!! ;)))

DVD Dead Drop vol. 8
at the Museum of Moving Image
June 26–July 30, 2013
by Aram Bartholl


I am very pleased to announce the latest DVD vol.4  for the install at the MMI. Was fun to dig through big stacks of DVDs to make this 78 chapters video DVD. Enjoy! :)

‘Home Entertainment’ Aram Bartholl. 2012, 31 mins. video DVD.
DVD Dead Drop vol.4 at the Museum of Moving Image, NYC
December 7, 2012–January 31, 2013


The 3rd volume of the DVD Dead Drop is featuring massive 18 hours of Let’s play Max Payne. It ll launch next week Tuesday 30th. If you haven t got hold of ‘INSERT DISC‘ yet make sure to stop by at the museum on the weekend!

Let’s Play Max Payne
vol. 3 of the DVD Dead Drop
at Museum of the Moving Image, 36-01 35 Avenue, Astoria, NY 11106
October 30 –December 3, 2012


Selected CD-ROM art of the 90’s on DVD

September 22 – October 27, 2012
at DVD Dead Drop, Museum of Moving Image NYC

curated by Aram Bartholl & Robert Sakrowski (curatingyoutube.com)


‘Art, dance and unidentifiable cities’ - bbc.co.uk/blogs/outriders

“..From walking around with paper models of over sized World of Warcraft weapons to planting giant replicas of Google map pins in real locations – Artist Aram Bartholl is interested in exploring the boundaries between offline and online worlds. He’s just completed a new work – DVD Dead Drop at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image – and so Chris asked him what he was trying to achieve through his art…”


OHH NOO! 0dayart.net  STOLE the HOT show (on DVD) and is seeding it now ILLEGALY on the INTERNT! thepiratebay.se/torrent/7542702 ;) Love the picture @nullsleep!! THX!!

Project page DVD Dead Drop


flickr set

The DVD Dead Drop opening last week at MMI was awesome! Thx to everyone for showing up!!
Thx to MMI staff for dedicated production and support! And special shoutout to Jason Eppink making this all happen!



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