Holiday Hackshop 2008


Hans-Christoph Steiner spends his time making private communications software usable by everyone, designing interactive software with a focus on human perceptual capabilities, building networks with free software, and composing music with computers. With an emphasis on collaboration, he has worked in many forms, including free software for mobile and embedded devices, responsive sound environments, free wireless networks that help build community, musical robots that listen, programming environments allow people to play with math, and a jet-powered fish that you can ride. To further his research, he teaches and works at various media art centers and organizes open, collaborative hacklabs and barcamp conferences. He is currently building encrypted, anonymous communications devices as part of the Guardian Project as well as teaching courses in interaction design and media programming NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program and workshops around the world.

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Holiday Hackshop 2008

A RE-ENACTMENT OF THE BATTLE OF THE PYRAMIDS is a performance installation of reconfigured robotic toys performing seemingly military maneuvers in rigid choreographed formations. This art project explores and uses sensor and wireless communication to create clusters of entities moving in exact synchronization in response to a call to arms.

Project Created: 
November 2008

Bright Bike is a Retroreflective Vinyl coated bike. It is like coating your bike with a big sticker that turns ultra-brite in headlights.

Project Created: 
November 2008
Start Date: 
13 Dec 2008

If you haven’t yet experienced everyone’s favorite holiday gift-making event, here’s the scoop: For one day and one day only, Eyebeam becomes an all-ages, multi-workshop electronic craft-making fair, with entertainment, decorations and plenty of holiday spirit.

The majority of the workshops are artist-led, free (save for minimal material costs), and you’ll leave with gifts that will far surpass lopsided clay mugs of years past … All in all: A fun, thrifty, edutainment alternative to the trance-and occasionally rage-inducing department-store crawl.

Cost: Free.

Calling all makers, residents, fellows, and friends …


Projects: A RE-ENACTMENT OF THE BATTLE OF THE PYRAMIDS, Bend it Shake it workshop, BrightBike, Extreme Weather Snowglobes made of recycled materials, Frankenstein your iPod
People: Adrianne Wortzel, Andrea Polli, Christina Kral, Hans-Christoph Steiner, Jamie O'Shea, Michael Mandiberg
Research: Education, Open Culture, Sustainability
Tags: holiday hackshop, Holiday Hackshop 2008, workshop
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