Applying to Eyebeam Residency or Fellowship

Project Residency vs. Research Residency: What’s the difference? 

The Project Residency is project based. Intake evaluation is based upon the strength of the project proposal and the applicant’s demonstrated expertise and ability to execute. Project Residents are not required to spend specific amounts of time at Eyebeam, though special consideration is given to applicants who plan to use the resources to the fullest. Project residency calls go out twice a year, in advance of the Spring and Winter cycles. 



Answers to some of Eyebeam’s most frequently asked application questions can be found below.

FAQ: Applying to Eyebeam Residency or Fellowship

International/out of town applicants

Out of town residents and fellows are responsible for their travel costs, accommodation, and moving expenses. Eyebeam staff will assist as much as possible with locating accommodation in New York.  We can also provide advice in contacting agencies to help negotiate Visa requirements to live and work in the United States.

Residency applicants interested in being considered for a future residency cycle should indicate this preference in the the application form. This can be helpful when taking into consideration the length of time to procure the appropriate visa.

Fellowship applicants can only apply for the current cycle.

Residency vs. Fellowship: What’s the difference?


Get Involved

There are a variety of different ways to get involved in the Eyebeam community.

If you are a high school student, you may want to check out the Youth Programs or, for grad students or the technically inclined, there are always artists who need a good Intern.

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