Tahir Square

Start Date: 
5 Apr 2014

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In this workshop, Eyebeam will turn into an "Internet Blackout" or "Practocalypse" (Practice Apocalypse), where there is no Internet, just mobile phones and mesh routers.  The Guardian Project and Commotion will show participants how to use mesh networking in combination with various mobile and desktop apps to operate in an environment in which, for some reason, intended or unintended, Internet is not available.  By playing an interactive role game we will get people thinking and talking about the need to create decentralized Internet networks and Internet ownership, and the practical steps that people can take as individuals in order to improve the situation.

People: Commotion, Erica Kermani, Hans Christoph-Steiner, Ryan Gerety, The Guardian Project
Research: Education
Tags: activism, Apps, internet blackout, mesh routers, Tahir Square
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