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Eyebeam will hold Open Studios for Artists In Residence, Student Residents, and Senior Fellows

Friday, October 23 and Saturday, October 24, from 3-6pm.

A two-day presentation at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center allowing a rare, inside look at current research. Guided tours of artists’ work will be given every hour from 3–6PM.


Eyebeam is pleased to host Open Studios for its 2009 Senior Fellows, Resident Artists, and
Student Residents at Eyebeam’s state-of-the-art design, research, and fabrication studio; showcasing video performance, wearable technologies, code and humor, party technology, and sustainablity design.



Stephen Duncombe

Stephen Duncombe, along with Steve Lambert, both consider themselves engaged citizens and agree that using art and culture to transform the world is a good idea. But they are both haunted by the same question: How do we gauge the success of our projects? Hell, how do we even think about success when our goal is utopia?

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Fred Benenson

As a research associate with Eyebeam, Fred Benenson collaborated with Senior Fellow Michael Mandiberg on One For The Commons, and other initiatives to encourage open licensing in the arts and design community.

Fred works for Kickstarter and was previously employed as a Creative Commons‘ representative in NYC. He went to ITP and finished in ’08, but also went to NYU for undergrad in philosophy and computer science and started Free Culture @ NYU during his senior year. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at NYU on copyright and cyberlaw.  His most recent project, Emoji Dick, involved hiring thousands of web workers to translate Moby Dick into Japanese Emoji icons.

Jessica Banks

Jessica left the 24th grade at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab where she tried to (unsuccessfully) omni-task a robotics Ph.D. into her teaching, writing, art exhibition and nap schedule. Before attending graduate school, Jessica spent 4 years in the entertainment industry working for Comedy Central, managing comedians and assisting political pundit and comedian Al Franken.

Jessica was at Eyebeam as an R&D OpenLab fellow during 2007/08 to make robotic furniture, lighting, architecture and wearables with particular emphasis on reactive work/live environments and alternative energy sources. She returns to Eyebeam as an honorary Research Associate for 2009.

Jessica wants to make new connections in your brain (non-invasively).

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2009FHonorary Resident
SHonorary Resident
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