Mikael Scherdin

image from Tentacle

Beeoff has been working with video and sound art in real time since 1998. During these years they have explored methods of working with, and presenting, real time audiovisual art in different locations using the internet. They have also started a real time art broadcasting channel, today known as nonTVTVstation.

Eyebeam CV
2004FExhibiting Artist
Tentacle (2004)

Tentacle, from Swedish arts collaborative Beeoff (Olle Huge, Tomas Linell and Mikael Scherdin), is a receptor-sculpture on a network that feeds streamed content (“streaming media”) over the Internet to several stations. During Works in Process ,Tentacle will gathers and transmits sound and images from nodes at Eyebeam and in Stockholm, transmitting them to a central editing computer, creating new content which is rebroadcast simultaneously back to the translucent, sculptural nodes at each location. Tentacle has been exhibted abroad in Paris (Villette Numérique), Stockholm (Splintermind – the artists’ studios) and Helsinki (Kiasma Museum), and for the first time in the United States at Eyebeam.

Project Created: 
January 2004
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