SADbot: Window Gallery Exhibiton

Eyebeam is pleased to present SADbot, a site-specific installation created by Dustyn Roberts and Ben Leduc-Mills for the Eyebeam Window Gallery. SADbot will be on view through Saturday, July 24.

Join us for a closing reception on Thursday, July 22, 6-7:30PM, followed by Summer School @ Night: Open Retail, moderated by Dustyn Roberts.

SADbot (The Seasonally Affected Drawing Robot) is a solar powered, interactive drawing machine. SADbot takes input from people walking outside the gallery window by putting a set of sensors that can tell how much light they're getting (photocells) up against the inside of the window.  SADbot knows if someone is covering up one of the sensors, and can change its drawing behavior accordingly.

Some of the components and techniques used in the installation will be featured in Dustyn's book, Making Things Move, and everything will be documented and made open to the public. The artists are using open source platforms (Arduino, Processing, Sparkfun's EasyDriver motor boards), to make it easier for anyone to make their own SADbot.