Keep EYEBEAM an Integral New York City Cultural Institution

Once again over the course of 2010, Eyebeam has supported a brilliant class of artists, hackers, coders, and creative technologists. We awarded 9 Fellowships and 16 Residencies to support the development of new work and the incubation and realization of new ideas, building our network of creative practitioners. Many more artists have participated in our programs by exhibiting work, engaging in professional development opportunities, doing Student Residencies, collaborating and interning with Fellows. We invite the public to see and experience this work through exhibitions and workshops. We educate artists. We run inspirational youth programs. But all of this happens because we support artists and creative technologists, first and foremost giving them the rare opportunity to fully realize their projects in a free and highly supportive environment. It is their work that informs everything we do.

Help us to continue this work: invest in the next generation of Eyebeam practitioners.


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