Levitra; A Way To Improve Your Sexual Life (Sildenafil citrate)
What It Is Used For
In the past the erectile dysfunction wasn’t a problem, because the life expectancy of man was very short. However, today the men are living long and happy life, but there are still few things which are disturbing their tranquility. One cause, which is destroying their happy life, is the erectile dysfunction. Important fact is that no man, old or young is supposed to worry about this condition, because the scientists have invented the solution – Vardenafil. It is normal for those, who are not familiar with this drug, to wonder what Vardenafil is? The answer of this question is complex and a lot of things have to mention.
What Is Bringing The Erection Back
First of all, Vardenafil is phosphodiesterase-5 (PH5) inhibitor, which is improving the circulation, by causing relaxation of the muscle layers of the arteries. PH-5 is enzyme which is causing vasoconstriction and blood flow reduction, but when this enzyme is inhibited vasodilatation is observed. Besides, this drug is affecting generally the blood vessels, which are bringing blood to the penis. You have to know that the appropriated circulation is something very important for the erection.
The Other Name Of This Hero
Second important thing is that, the generic Vardenafil is having several trade names and one of them is Levitra. These both names have to be mentioned, because in some countries this drug is sold under it trade name, but in others with its generic.
The Great Power Which Does Bad Things Sometimes
This drug is really working, but as any other effective drug it is having side effects. Pay attention to the fact that the Vardenafil side effects are divided in two groups- serious side effects and not so serious side effects. Every person, who is using this drug, has to be aware of the serious side effects, because they may cause severe damages to the organism. The most frequent serious side effects are: fast and irregular heartbeat, vision loss, seizures, and priapism, chest pain, which is spreading to the arm or to the neck, difficult breathing and swelling in your arms or in your feet. Priapism is condition, during which you are having erection for more than 4 hours. This is very dangerous, because it is causing intoxication of the organism, which can end in a bad way. It is obligatory for you to inform your doctor immediately, when you notice some of these symptoms. Besides this it is good for you to visit the emergency as soon as possible.
The less serious side effects are back pain, constipation, diarrhea and headaches. You have to know that the less serious side effects are appearing during the first day of the Levitra treatment. However you have to know that the serious side effects are appearing, when someone is allergic to Levitra, or when he has taken higher dose. In purpose to avoid the development of the serious side effects, mentioned above you have to be aware of the Vardenafil dosage. The dose recommended for the producer is 10mg 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. However, because of your health, try not to exceed a daily dose of 40 mg. Besides, some people who are above the age of 60, or those with liver diseases are obligated to take only 2.5mg 15 minutes before the intercourse. Important fact is that people who are using other medication for blood pressure reducing purpose, are supposed to take this 2.5 mg dose. As it was mentioned above, Levitra is causing vasodilatation of the arteries, which is lowering the blood pressure. When the effect of Levitra is combined with other drugs which are reducing the blood pressure you may develop syncope. Syncope is condition during which the blood pressure is low and not enough blood is going to the brain. As you probably know the brain is requiring a lot blood, full of glucose and oxygen and when there is not enough blood the brain stops to work. When the brain stops working you are losing consciousness, which convertible condition. However, the bad thing in here is that during the syncope you may fall and hit your head somewhere, which is sometimes very dangerous.
Several Options And Only Single Choice
Because of the drug’s effectiveness, a lot of pharmacies and web sites are offering it. However, the bad thing about the pharmacies is that you are going to need a prescription to buy it. You don’t have to worry about this, because every problem has a solution and the solution in this case is to buy Vardenafil online. However, before purchasing this drug, you have to know few things about the web site, which are offering Levitra online. First of all, some of the web sites are offering low quality drugs, which are not effective at the same time. Besides this, some of the drugs which are sold on the internet are out of expiration date. This is something very bad, because the drugs out of expiration date are causing the appearance of the serious side effects, mentioned above.
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