Eyebeam is a platform for artists to engage society’s relationship with technology.
  • Moving video of a dancer, captured on Motion Capture, and transformed in an extended reality interface. First the dancer is multiplied, then he moves into a powerful, cascading light force.

    Oct. 23

    Black Movement in Digital Spaces

    This past year, artist-in-residence LaJuné McMillian has been developing The Black Movement Project, an online database of motion capture data from Black performers and Black character base models. Throughout this process, a series of questions around the ethics of digitizing Black movement have been raised.

  • The image of the performance- photo credit Zack Filkoff- caption: Yo-Yo Lin performs ‘the walls of my room are curved’, an audiovisual performance involving live-mixing projections of recorded movement and a musical score comprised of the sounds of the artist’s bones and joints. Colin Kapaernick animation figure as rendered by Movers and Shakers that would “replace” a monument a user is looking at with this alternative image as well as an accompanying story. Shannon’s hand holding a postcard that features a risographed photo of Shannon’s hand holding a postcard that says “Artists for Alt-Text. An avatar of Nala Duma moves in a 3D environment created by LaJuné McMillian for The Black Movement Project 

    Oct. 30

    Eyebeam Resident Showcase

    As the 2019 Residency comes to a close, join us at Eyebeam to celebrate the evolution of each artist’s vastly different, brilliantly inventive, and impact-driven projects. You won’t want to miss this special evening, and the rare opportunity to catch all of our residents in one place at the Eyebeam HQ!

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  • Computer hardware with screen that says GRID.

    #AskTheExpert | Time-based Media Conservation

    Our new initiative #AskTheExpert invites the Eyebeam community to ask an expert questions pertaining to their field. First up: Ben Fino-Radin on time-based media conservation.

  • Learnings from the Alumni Hive Mind | Artist Fees

    The debate over equitable fees is certainly not a new one. How does one really begin the work of putting a monetary equivalent to art labor?

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