Staff and Board


  • Roddy Schrock
    roddy [at] eyebeam [dot] org
  • Marko Tandefelt
    Director of Technology and Research
    marko [at] eyebeam [dot] org
  • Alice Stock
    Operations & Finance Manager
    alice [at] eyebeam [dot] org
  • Peter Kaiser
    Communications Director
    peter [at] eyebeam [dot] org
  • Erica Kermani
    Director of Community Engagement
    erica [at] eyebeam [dot] org
  • Wolfgang Gil
    Technology Manager
    Sound Research Group Coordinator
    wolfgang [at] eyebeam [dot] org
  • Jamie O'Shea
    Facilities Manager
    jamie [at] eyebeam [dot] org
  • Brigid Walsh
    Playable Fashion Program Coordinator
    brigid.walsh [at] eyebeam [dot] org
  • Laura Welzenbach
    Programs Intern
    laura.welzenbach [at] eyebeam [dot] org
  • Sarah Schmitt
    Education Intern
  • LaJune McMillian
    Education Intern

Board of Directors