Yearly Hard Drive

We have raised just under $16,000 already towards our Yearly Hard Drive to support a residency position at Eyebeam! Thanks for everyone who has donated so far, this goal is no small task and we are calling on the support of of our wide networks to make it happen.

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Why give?

Eyebeam’s residency gives time, space and money to artists on the cusp of creating new technologies.

Why is this important? Because in many ways, art is a kind of applied research. Artists, more than ever, are exploring the impact of technology on our world – how we function as communities, who benefits and who is left behind and how the tools we create connect with our minds and our hearts.


With our support, Eyebeam residents can “see around corners” – over the years, their work has anticipated the social web, the convergence of the physical and the digital in the arts, 3D printing and the “internet of things,” and the darker side of big data. These were all once on the fringe, now they’re at the center of our conversations. This is the impact Eyebeam has.

Donate to Eyebeam. Be part of something.

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