Artist-led technology education for a more imaginative and just world.Since 1998, Eyebeam youth programs put aspiring young artists together in a collaborative, learning environment with artists critically engaged with the impact of technology on culture at large. Our focus is to develop accessible and engaging educational programming for teens and teachers typically underserved in the areas of STEAM.

Eyebeam has supported thousands of public facing workshops, classes and learning opportunities through recurring Eyebeam-led youth programs like Digital Day Camp and our Student Residency. Additionally, Eyebeam supports our artist’s educational projects that often turn into stand-alone programs including Playable Fashion, Rap Research Lab, Our Net and Computational Fashion.

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Digital Day Camp

Digital Day Camp (DDC) is Eyebeam’s longest running program since 1998. DDC is an intensive, multi-week, arts and technology program for approximately 20 NYC public high school students. Through local partnerships, we recruit applicants from youth in schools underrepresented in STEAM programs to ensure a diverse range of ideas and backgrounds in each cohort. Read More »

Playable Fashion

Playable Fashion is an education program for youth exploring the intersections between Fashion, Technology and Gaming. Students learn concepts and techniques behind each subject, combining learnings to create their own digital games and wearable controllers inspired by their personal narratives. Playable Fashion introduces students to concepts core to technology and computational thinking in an accessible and fun way. Experiences learned from Playable Fashion give youth the comfort level to continue exploring technology, and their voice in it, as creators. Read More »