Small sacrifice, huge Impact.

So far across our platforms we’ve raised almost $4,000 for our end of year campaign!


Over the past year we were able to move to a new home, engage over 17,000 people through public programs, support over 100 artists, and double our staff. All because of the generosity of the Eyebeam family. It’s been quite a year, and we’re expecting big things to come as we launch the visionary projects of our 2019 ACCESS Residents


To help us do that, we ask you to join the growing family of Eyebeam supporters. Forward-thinking individuals, like you, directly support artists who are re-imagining technology and society. Through your monthly gift, you will help reveal new artist-led paths for our shared future.



Our goal is to bring in $5,000. And in addition to increasing the support we provide artists, you also help us increase the access to their work through support of our new livestream and real-time live captioning which we aim to use for all future public events.


     – $5 a month will support a subsidized ticket to a weekend workshop, increasing access to our programs for the students and participants for the community who need it most.

– $10 a month will support an hour of real-time transcription of our public events. This increases the accessibility of our programs through live visual captioning on screens in our space.

     – $25 a month will support the professional development of our residents throughout the year. These sessions provide expert consultation that develops and extends the work of our resident cohort.

     – $50 a month will support a week placement for a student in Digital Day Camp. This intensive youth program that pays approximately 20 NYC public high school students for two weeks in summer to think creatively and critically about technology.



Eyebeam is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible. Give here, it’s easy, and you’ll thank yourself at tax time.

And thank you again for the support you’ve given.