Alan Sondheim & Monika Weiss

Alan Sondheim & Monika Weiss — Enunciation
Saturday, February 4, 3-6PM, Eyebeam Project Space

Cost: Free

Eyebeam Resident Alan Sondheim and transdiscipinary artist Monika Weiss will perform Enunciation, a dual live video projection and sound environment in the Eyebeam Project Space on Saturday, February 4, 1-6PM. Enunciation explores the notions of language, document, trace, mourning and history. Inhabiting a prolonged interval of time, Weiss and Sonfheim perform and record their respective process, which is both independent from one another and interconnected, an exchange tracing issues of mourning, lamentation, ecstasy, and the processes of writing. This experimental collaboration is a result of a longstanding friendship and intellectual exchange between the two New York artists.

People: Alan Sondheim